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IDE Fix Pack 6.3 更新日志

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The new IDE Fix Pack 6.3 adds some IDE fixes and makes DFM reading a little bit faster due to the usage of buffers on the stack instead of the TBytes heap allocations with unnecessary FillChar calls that were introduced with XE3.

新的 IDE Fix Pack 6.3 增加了一些IDE问题修复, 让DFM文件的读取变快了一点点, 使用 上的缓存替代了TBytes堆上的多余的FillChar调用(XE3)

The compiler option extension -x-fpr also got a new feature. If a function has stack variables that exceed 4096 bytes, the function prolog that is generated will be up to 3 times faster than the original compiler generated code (RSP-19826).

编译器选项 -x-fpr 也增加了新的特性. 如果一个function 声明了栈上的超过4096字节的变量, 该function生成的代码将比原编译器快3倍(RSP-19826)

Furthermore the compiler option extensions are now combined into -x-On options what makes it easier to specify the options because you don’t need to remember all the option names anymore.

另外编译器扩展选项合并到了一个 -x-On 选项中, 这样就不需要去记了.

  • -x-O1 启用选项 -x-fvs -x-fpr
  • -x-O2 启用选项 -x-fvs -x-fpr -x-orc
  • -x-O3 启用选项 -x-fvs=2 -x-fpr -x-orc
  • -x-Ox 启用ABI更改优化: -x-fvs=2 -x-fpr -x-orc=2 -x-ff

All options are listed in the Readme.txt and can be specified under Project Options/Delphi Compiler/Compiling/Other options/Additional options to pass to the compiler.



  • Added: Patch to remove IDE flickering when WM_SETTINGCHANGE is broadcasted
  • Added: Fix for RSP-20700: Tooltip Help Insight is blinking if Structure View is scrolled
  • Added: Undo XE3+ TFiler/TReader/TParser/TStream TBytes usage, replace SetLength with SetLengthUninit for special cases
  • Added: -x-fpr generates 3 times faster stack memory page probing code (RSP-19826)
  • Added: Options -x-O1, -x-O2, -x-O3, -x-Ox that enable other optimization options


  • Added: 移除了当消息 WM_SETTINGCHANGE 被广播时的IDE闪烁
  • Added: 修复 RSP-20700: 修复当 Structure View 滚动时的帮助信息气泡闪烁
  • Added: 撤消XE3 + TFiler / TReader / TParser / TStream TBytes用法, 将SetLength替换为SetLengthUninit用于特殊情况
  • Added: -x-fpr 生成3倍快的堆栈内存页探测代码 (RSP-19826)
  • Added: 选项 -x-O1, -x-O2, -x-O3, -x-Ox 用于启用一些特性